F o r  M a n u f a c t u r e r s

Click here for a list of some Gamix-compatible PCs.

For years the lucrative video game market has been the exclusive domain of just a few companies. The barriers of entry are formidable, as there is no easy way to attract the finest videogame talent to develop top titles for a new platform.

That will change. With Gamix, the videogame console becomes open to the benefits of competition. Superior design, features and cost will be a win-win proposition for consumers and manufacturers alike.

Part of the appeal of Gamix is how easy and inexpensive the program is. Hardware manufacturers interested in selling equipment with the Gamix logo must complete a Participation Agreement. By participating, enrolled manufacturers are able to use the Gamix logo on compatible hardware. The cost for complete systems is $1 per system. The cost for accessories or peripherals is $.25 per unit.

Early adopters will be considered for a limited-time, no-fee agreement for promoting the platform.

Gamix maintains an open book policy. Every dollar paid by participating manufacturers is used to promote and advertise the Gamix platform. Income and expenses will be made publicly available to maintain the highest confidence in our commitment to build the market.

I hope that by visiting our web page, you begin to see the possibilities we see. And I hope that your enthusiasm for our project helps make this vision a reality.


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