W e l c o m e  tG a m i x

Gamix is a revolutionary concept who's time has come: An open videogame platform specification.

Open to anyone and everyone, Gamix offers a superior gaming platform without restrictive licensing costs.

It is our passionate belief that by giving developers and hardware manufacturers a completely open market, creativity and innovation will thrive. The business model of large companies with proprietary systems controlling the profitability of independent game developers will not be able to compete.

So what exactly is Gamix? Gamix is simply the technical specifications for the videogame system of tomorrow. And Gamix is the marketing behind the platform.

To advertise Gamix compatibility, participating hardware manufacturers contribute $1 for each Gamix machine sold. Participating Gamix peripheral manufacturers can affix the Gamix logo for $.25 per device. Software programs may advertise Gamix compatibility and use the Gamix logo at no charge.

Gamix maintains an open book policy. Every dollar paid by participating manufacturers is used to promote and advertise the Gamix platform. Income and expenses will be made publicly available to maintain the highest confidence in our commitment to build the market.

I hope that by visiting our web page, you begin to see the possibilities we see. And I hope that your enthusiasm for our project helps make this vision a reality.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail for more information. Awareness is the first step towards a new tomorrow.

- Eli Tomlinson

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