Welcome to Gamix!

Gamix began in 2005 as a concept for promoting  an open videogame platform specification.

Open to anyone and everyone, Gamix attempts to offer a superior gaming platform without restrictive licensing costs.

Based on a passionate belief that by giving developers and hardware manufacturers a completely open market, creativity and innovation will thrive. The business model of large companies with proprietary systems controlling the profitability of independent game developers will not be able to compete.

So what exactly is Gamix? Gamix is simply the technical specifications for an open videogame system based on standard components, and a well-established universe of nearly limitless development tools.  Gamix endeavored to capitalize on the appeal of an open platform and offer a common branding for developers, publishers, and hardware manufactures to promote the concept.

With insufficient time and resources, Gamix has languished and is in need of an update.  While the concept remains relevant the original specifications may not.

I hope that by visiting the Gamix web page, you begin to see the possibilities we see.  The hope is that some collective enthusiasm for this project will help make this vision a reality.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail for more information. Awareness is the first step towards a better tomorrow.

– Eli Tomlinson

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